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The opportunity to act and defend your parenting time modification rights is always a very small window. Without the proper legal representation in the Tempe area, your rights are often trampled and ignored, resulting in an unfavorable outcome. For the best legal work within the Tempe area, pick up the phone and call Dodge & Vega, PLC.

At Dodge & Vega, PLC, we are the legal professionals who possess the knowledge that can be immensely beneficial to you, regardless of your parenting time modification situation. In most parenting time modification proceedings, knowledge is power to the powerless. Therefore, it is imperative to seek reasonable, dependable parenting time modification counsel within the Tempe area during the early stages of your concerns.

Our understanding of matters pertaining to parenting time modification cases is unmatched, and our resolve to protect your rights in the Tempe area is demonstrated by the advocacy we display for each of our clients. During your consultation, after listening and noting the key elements of your parenting time modification case, we will devise a course of action reflective of your circumstances within the Tempe area.

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