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Most Child Support situations are emotionally draining, but with over many years of practice, Dodge & Vega, PLC has learned that marriages involving abuse make for the hardest divorce cases. Our understanding helps us with our Child Support services because we can get many different views of your case in the Chandler area.

At Dodge & Vega, PLC, we have the skill set and compassionate understanding to handle any Child Support problems you might be facing. We have acquired our skill-set from many years of working in the Chandler area and helping with different Child Support scenarios, no matter how emotionally-charged they have been.

Here at Dodge & Vega, PLC, we believe in resolving Child Support issues as effectively and efficiently as possible. We apply all our resources to making sure the negotiations and mediations for the Child Support case go as smoothly as possible. Our goal is not only to make your life easier in the Chandler area, but to help you preserve amicable communication between both parties.

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